Practical Help and Spiritual Hope for Mental Health


Dr. Stephen Critchlow is a retired consultant psychiatrist and author. He is married with five adult daughters and lives in Northern Ireland. Over the last several years Stephen has travelled extensively giving talks on mental health and spiritual issues. He is the author of two books, “Mindful of the Light” and “Finding the Yes in the Mess”.


Dr. Stephen Critchlow gives talks to provide help and spiritual hope for mental health issues by sharing practical ways to cope and help others. Stephen discusses key areas of anxiety, depression, addictions and suicide and all carers, sufferers and professionals are invited to learn about common mental health conditions and discover how spiritual issues relate to mental health.

How can we recognise symptoms of Mental Illness?

What can we do to help?

Does having faith make any difference?

Many people struggle to cope with anxiety, depression and addictions and sometimes find it hard to face the future.

In the talks he gives, Stephen aims to bring practical help and spiritual hope in these and other common mental health conditions.

Everyone is invited to the talks, including carers, sufferers and professionals.




Mindful of the light

This book provides insightful and practical advice on a range of mental health issues. In six chapters Dr. Stephen Critchlow describes the problems of Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Addictions, Schizophrenia and Dementia. In six corresponding chapters he discusses how faith can help in these conditions.

Finding the Yes in the Mess

This book addresses key questions in a well-argued, but easy to read, anecdotal style. We often find the suffering and pain in our lives and in this world difficult to understand.

Does God really care?

In the Mess can we find the YES?


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TESTIMONIALS : Mindful of the Light – Practical Help and Spiritual Hope for Mental Health

‘This warm, compassionate, practical and beautifully written book will bring help and hope to many who battle with conflicting and crippling emotions…Recommended without reservation’.

Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster.

‘I have invited Steve to give his talks in the towns in our region, and have found them to be very well received and a great help to people in understanding, from a medical and spiritual point of view, their feelings and how to handle them better.

Graeme Wylie, Director Hope Counselling, Ireland

‘This book is scientifically based and is very clear, accessible and positive in its message.’

Patricia Casey, author, journalist and Professor of Psychiatry at University College, Dublin.

Over four weeks during Feb/Mar 2014 our congregation organised a series of four evening events in a local café in Coleraine. In a sensitive and non-threatening way, both practical guidance and spiritual truth were presented.
I warmly commend these seminars and have strong confidence that the approach taken will be appropriate and sensitive to the people who come.

Rev. Peter Fleming
Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Coleraine

‘I wish I had read Steve’s book 30 years ago. As a local church pastor, I have had to deal with people who have suffered with everything from anxiety to depression. I confess at times I was at a loss to know what to do.

Paul Reid, Pastor Emeritus, Christian Fellowship Church, Strandtown, Belfast.

Dr. Critchlow has spoken on many occasions to groupings at Clonard Monastery, Belfast. Those attending found his talks most interesting, easy to follow and practical to implement.’

Fr. Michael Murtagh, Former Rector, Clonard Monastery, Belfast.



Dr. Stephen Critchlow is not able to offer advice on personal mental health problems